Lake Panorama | Farms | Love

When a beautiful woman meets a witty farmer a gorgeous wedding is in store. With their deep love for family, Nikki knew immediately she wanted to wear the same dress her Mother and Grandmother did for their wedding. Jeff is always down for a good surprise so what better surprise then to invite his entire family back to witness his proposal. Pulling her up on stage during an annual concert with Jason Brown preforming and serenading her.

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Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your big day!  I can't wait to see everything the future holds for you. Congratulations! 

Baseball | Johnston | Senior

Downtown Des Moines, Iowa is great for modern looking senior photos. Toss in great outfits and a guy that really knows how to pose and it makes for an easy day! Connor has a few passions in life but ranking at the top of his list is Baseball and from what I hear he's a pretty dang good pitcher. During the short amount of time spent with him I could tell he's got a great head on his shoulders and will do amazing things in life. Whatever path you choose Connor, good luck and enjoy your senior year.

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Elegant | Des Moines Wedding

Mike and Katie had a gorgeous wedding with a timeless wedding theme, filled with black and white and a touch of hot pink. Katie's shoes were amazing with so much sequence and  fun going on! The temperature was mild that day but the energy and excitement was on high

Getting married at Saint John Apostle Catholic Church is a photographer’s dream! The adjacent property is simply perfect to photograph on, with its old world look. It’s lined with tree's and a partially overgrown gravel drive you truly do feel like you're in Italy. 

Getting married at Saint John Apostle Catholic Church is a photographer’s dream! The adjacent property is simply perfect to photograph on, with its old world look. It’s lined with tree's and a partially overgrown gravel drive you truly do feel like you're in Italy. 

The reception was as stunning as it was elegant, complete with a his and her cake. The wedding guests filled the room with tons of smiles and laughter. Congratulations Mike and Katie! 

The reception was as stunning as it was elegant, complete with a his and her cake. The wedding guests filled the room with tons of smiles and laughter. Congratulations Mike and Katie! 

Wedding Planner - Make it Happen Events

Flowers - The English Rose

Videography - Blur Media

Venue - Iowa Event Center

Entertainment - Black Tie Beats

Cake - Cache Bake Shoppe

Linens - Beyond Elegance

Crabapples | Balloons | Love Letters

Southern Iowa is such a beautiful location for a wedding. Then you mix in blossoming springtime trees, a vintage dress and two people in love it makes for a breathtaking day! The day started off a little cloudy with a chance of rain. Slowly that chance grew into a guarantee, but luckily fate was on our side and the skies waited to open up until after photos. Sydney had the dress her mothers wore on her big day modified to fit her vision of a perfect dress. She looked marvelous in the dress! Thank you so much Scott and Sydney for allowing me to document your wedding! 


Springtime | Graffiti | Nature

It was a windy April day and a long drive to the Capitol City for two people in love. Planning a fall wedding, a spring engagement photo session in Des Moines was perfect. Tucking in close to each other and hiding behind buildings wasn't needed to show the love between Seth and Emily. It all started on a July night in Knoxville, Iowa. Seth went to watch his Uncle Jason Brown perform, little did he know he would also meet the love of his life that night. They knew it was meant to be. 

I knew with Emily's fashionista style and their rustic roots, that downtown Des Moines' River walk and World Food Prize building would be a great spot. Walking around Des Moines with shoes in hand and not a care in the world laughing and having a good time was all she wanted.


As we were walking up to our final spot we stumbled upon a goose... and her nest. She clearly didn't want us to be there, but luckily we had Emily. Seth started to run off like a little girl (he might have screamed a little too), while Em stood her ground and protected him. Thank goodness she was there otherwise we would have never gotten this next shot.

We were so blessed to get this sunset silhouette shot. With a guest appearence by mama goose! Thanks for a fun filled Saturday Seth and Emily! Check out more of Seth and Emily's engagement session here.  

West Des Moines | Little One

Being able to photograph a newborn baby is amazing! These beautiful, tiny babies I've been blessed to document look so peaceful in their pictures. Little miss Lillian came down to the  natural light portrait studio in Valley Junction for her session. It didn't take her long to get into full model mode. She loved looking at the camera, but eventually decided it was nap time.

I know with my own kids I always love their little fingers. It's so amazing how we as parents find a certain little detail that will always remind us of these fragile beings.

Thank you so much Meg and Nat for letting me document your family year after year! 

Grinnell, Iowa | Marcus and Kelsie

It's always amazing photographing beautiful brides every weekend. It's even better documenting my cousins wedding. Picture after picture they both looked amazing.  Marcus and Kelsie got married in Grinnell, Iowa so naturally we decided portraits should happen at the breathtaking Grinnell College campus. Surely I won't leave out Marcus, since we go back as far back as riding the church bus together in elementary school. Marcus was smitten by Kelsie from the first time he saw her and the first time I told him to stay away.. As time passed I lightened up and could tell they would be amazing together. 

Oskaloosa, Iowa Wedding | Alex and Gina

After a busy wedding season I am back to the blog posts. It was such a great time documenting Gina and Alex's wedding. I personally believe Central United Methodist Church is the most beautiful church in Oskaloosa and they've got quiet a few to pick from. The simplicity of Gina's wedding dress complimented how amazing she looked. Alex looked like he was ready for the pages of GQ in his two piece suit and skinny tie. Thanks again Alex and Gina and may you find as much happiness everyday as you did on your wedding day.

Ankeny, Iowa Engagement | Rustic Barns, Hay Bales & Bows

Their love story began when she noticed a cute guy that looked a lot like the singer Dustin Lynch. 

The night they met, she referred to Scott as Dustin because she didn't know his name but knew that he was a very good looking individual that I had to get to know! Turns out that Scott felt the same about Sydney but he was too afraid to make the first move. 

Scott gave his number to Sydney’s boss since he was too shy to spark up a conversation with her.  Her boss was going to hold his number hostage from her, until she asked who the Dustin Lynch look-alike was because” I would love to have his number”. Later on that night Sydney received a Facebook friend request from Scott, aka Dustin Lynch.

After an awkward first date a few days later, they decided to make it official. One year later She said yes to being his fiancé and in a few short months she will become Mrs. Scott Sedivec!

Family Portraits : Waukee Iowa

It's always great photographing someone you've known for what seems like forever! I first met Alishia back in sixth grade after her family moved to Oskaloosa from Florida. After graduation and not talking for multiple years she contacted me to capture her wedding day. We've stayed in contact since then and now have kids that are the same age. With the hustle and bustle of life, we don't get together as often as we should, but when we do its always a great time! 

Tyler recently returned home after serving a year overseas! When he got back this past summer it was the first time he met his son Tucker. As you can tell from the photos above the bond between a Dad and son is so natural. Tucker and Kal look so happy to have their dad back. It truly does take a person of great character to do what he does. However, he's not the only one in the house that's enlisted. Alishia is also part of the Iowa National Guard. That is just a house full of amazing people! They are so willing to put their own lives on hold so we can all enjoy ours. Thank you Tyler and Alishia for all that you do. Your family is wonderful on so many different levels

Ewing Park Engagement: Jessica and Brian

Jessica and Brian crossed paths in December of 2010 after a few of their amazing friends introduced them to each other. At first Jess was a little skeptical and put Brian on the back burner. It wasn't until a few months later when she randomly ran into him that a flicker started what would later become an inseparable bond between them. 

Brian and Jess find common interests in cheering for the Hawkeyes, being active outdoors, camping and athletics. 

Jess is working on a new trick with Gretta. Brian got a little worried after she dropped it a couple times and thought it was a treat! 

Jess is working on a new trick with Gretta. Brian got a little worried after she dropped it a couple times and thought it was a treat! 

Typically I don't edit the same photo two different ways. However, this one looked so awesome in color and black and white.   

Brian's dad was kind enough to let him and Jess borrow his 1960 Candy Apple Red  Thunderbird. It made for some spectacular images. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity I can't wait until September!   

Indianola Iowa Wedding - Bandow + Taylor

What an amazing couple, so fun, happy, and easy going. Mackenzie and Zack got married in Indianola, Iowa at Saint Thomas Aquinas Church. It was a crazy and fun morning trying to get 11 girls ready all within a short amount of time. It was accomplished and they all looked phenomenal! The guys didn't look too shabby themselves.

After the wedding we headed to the beautiful campus at Simpson College. Luckily we got some great Wedding Party and Bride and Groom portraits before the skies opened up with rain. Congratulations Zack and Mackenzie I wish you both happiness for the rest of eternity!

Art Center | River Walk | Engagement: Heather and Brad

Heather and Brad have been friends for over 10 years. They initially met in high school through mutual friends and always had an attraction for one another. Brad knew she was a great girl right away, being a Hawkeye fan and a Racing fan. Although timing was not always great for the couple, until a little over a year ago when Heather showed up at party Brad was at, knowing each other for so long and spending countless hours together, it didn't take long to realize what most people already knew. The two took a long weekend trip up to Chicago to catch a Bears game and after the game Brad decided it was the perfect time to ask Heather the one question all girls dream of hearing. I am so happy for these two and can't wait to photograph their wedding. We had a blast at the Des Moines Art Center and The World Food Prize building during their engagement session. Enjoy and make sure to comment below to show these two some love.   

West Des Moines Engagement Photos : Marcus and Kelsie

It has been so great watching this relationship grow from a friendship to two best friends whose love radiates for all to see. Kelsie has such a contagious smile and when you combine that with Marcus' constant joking it's hard not to be happy around these two. I know that the future holds great things for them and I can't wait to watch it happen.

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4 Generation and a First

Ellie looks so sweet and happy on her 1st Birthday. Since my buddy Aaron is also a photographer I knew he would want some images of his adorable little girl’s birthday. Aaron and his fiancé Sarah did a great job on this cute little setup in downtown Des Moines. I love all the expressions Ellie and Sarah give us while opening up presents. At times I'm not sure which one is more excited about the gifts! After all, every parent knows the first birthday is truly about us surviving an entire year of major changes (both lifestyle and diapers). The first image is a testament to how lucky Aaron and his family are, with 4 generations that are alive and well! My family is truly blessed having these three in our lives and although life keeps us all busy we can’t wait to watch Ellie grow up with our kids! 

"When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses." -Joyce Brothers

How true that quote is even now at this early age I sit and remember all the great times I had with my family growing up. Like the time we loaded up in my Grandparents RV and went to the Omaha Zoo, Boone Railroad, and House on the Rock then and the unexpected happened. The RV blew a tire and we were out of commission for a few hours. Or the time my mom, brother and I were heading to Colorado and I got car sick so she had to pullover, and well a police officer thought he'd check on us. I was so worried that my mom was going to go to jail because I was sick!  I will always remember these memories from growing up and I hope I can provide my children with the same happiness. 

3 month old Cousins

Wow, it seems like these past three months have flown by, but as all new parents know there are also times that you wish it would go a little faster. You know, those times where the babies get up 4 times a night, or when they cry for hours with no real end in sight. As parents we also know we wouldn't trade those nights.. who am I kidding we would trade those nights for ANYTHING! Our family is so blessed to be so big and continues to grow. Cor and Ceci have 6 cousins they can hangout with and 1 more will be arriving in August. All of these cousins are under the age of 5, HOW AWESOME!

Ceci and Jada  look  adorable as I  snap a quick 3 Month Photo of the youngest  set of cousins. These two kids are only 6 weeks apart I'm sure they'll be best friends for life.

Ceci and Jada  look  adorable as I  snap a quick 3 Month Photo of the youngest  set of cousins. These two kids are only 6 weeks apart I'm sure they'll be best friends for life.

A Site in the works

The day has come I have finally decided to create a website! I've been extremely excited to get this process rolling but at the same time dragging my feet in fear of the unknown. After a few years away from shooting on my own professionally I couldn't take the itch any longer. It has always been a dream of mine to open a studio and that dream is slowly becoming a reality. I plan to use my blog to keep everyone up to date on what's happening with the studio and my personal life. You'll find weddings that I've photographed in the Des Moines Metro area along with a few in Colorado. We can't leave out Seniors Portraits especially since the season is coming upon us quickly. I photograph seniors all over central Iowa and love photographing kids from my old stomping grounds Oskaloosa. With a small growing family of my own Family Portraits hold a special place in my heart. I adore the families that have allowed me to capture their lives and stories, and I can't wait to become great friends with more clients in the future.


Have  a great day!